Data Analytics

While we talk about data is the next new oil, most of the data are in unstructured formats distributed in various forms over multiple mediums, these data sets are highly rich on information but the big challenge is to mine and analyze such unstructured data.

With stellar growth in cloud computing deep learning techniques, it is now possible to derive meaning out of these complex unstructured data using Machine learning tools and derive signals that can make a significant impact in business decisions and can also help in predicting future outcomes for both business & consumers.


We help our clients in filtering noise from such “unstructured data” of any forms such as ;

  • Text Data : Recognize handwritten contents, scanned data, message data, text files, emails, numerical or textual log data, web pages, any other business documents including social media data distributed in any form including extracting information from emoticons

  • Image Data : Identify moods and sentiment of individual or group of an individual by analyzing photographs and images, gif files etc.

  • Video Data : Analyze real-time or static video data by utilizing advanced algorithms thereby turning video files into actionable intelligence and insights

  • Audio Data : Analyze audio files using Artificial Neural Networks and by classifying audio files such as mobile call data, call centre call records to decipher insights and improve on QA & QC